Medical/ Therapy devices

iMerciv BuzzClip

The iMerciv BuzzClip is a wearable haptic device intended to give visually impaired persons the ability to detect head and torso level obstacles and hazards.


3D Printing

PrintSpace3D Altair Series

High quality 3D prints only come from high quality 3D printers. The Altair series of delta 3D printers were created with the belief that the "race to the bottom dollar" for cost was not creating better printers, only more waste. By utilizing aerospace-grade materials and tolerances, the Altair printers are able to print quieter, more reliably, and at higher temperatures and resolutions than others on the market.


Assistive devices

Sentina and Sentina Plus

Wheelchairs and other mobility devices often have a large rear blind spot, especially for people with limited mobility. The Sentina and Sentina Plus are rear sensor systems that provide haptic, visual and auditory feedback to a wheeled user, allowing them to navigate with confidence in tight or crowded areas.